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Jackie's Male Grooming

Services & Prices

Crack £15
Buttocks £15
Groin £15
Buttocks/Crack £25
Scrotum/Penis £25
Scrotum/Penis/Groin Brazilian) £50
Scrotum/Penis/Crack/Buttocks/Groin (Hollywood) £60
Back £25
Chest £25
Stomach £15
Shoulders £15
½ Leg £18
Full Leg £25
½ Arm £15
Full Arm £20
Under Arms £15
Eye Brows £7 to £10
Non Surgical Facial £40
Microdermabrasion Facial £40
Gents Facial £35
Non Surgical Facial £40
Pedicure £25
Manicure £22
Massage Sports £45
Hot Stones £60
Warm Bamboo Massage £45
Swedish £45
Ear Candling £30
Reflexology £35
Indian Head Massage £30
NB: Discount rates on two or more areas

When Booking your Treatment
I will require a full name & telephone number
My cancellation policy is as follows:
24 Hours – no charge
Same day within 4 Hours – no charge
Same day no notice – full payment

Cash or cheques
Gift Vouchers

Treatment Procedure
When you come for your treatment you will be required to fill in a client consultation form. I will firstly test patch you, explain what will happen in your treatment and when you are compatible I will begin the treatment. Once the treatment is completed I will give you the required after care advice & rebook you in if required.

After Treatment Frequent Asked Questions

Does intimate waxing hurt?

This type of waxing can be painful, but is minimised with the use of 'Brazilian Hard Wax' which deals with the challenge of hair removal on sensitive skin and the removal of coarse hair.

Should I shave down the hair?

Your waxing may be more comfortable if the hair is clipped short, but remember there MUST be at least half an inch of hair for the waxing to be effective. To guarantee this no shaving must be done within 3 weeks of your treatment. Check with your therapist before shaving.

Hollywood or Brazilian?

The Hollywood leaves no hair at all and the Brazilian leaves some hair above the penis.

Should I be naked for the treatment?

A t-shirt can be worn but the area being waxed needs to un-covered for access.

What if I get aroused?

Don’t worry - this does happen on occasion and the key is not to worry as therapists are used to this occurring and consider it a natural event. Often the waxing sensation tends to subside throughout the treatment.

Intimate Waxing Aftercare Advice

Keep the waxed area clean and avoid both friction and heat during the 24-48 period after treatment. Please be aware the following should be followed:

To prevent ingrown hairs starting a few days after your appointment gently scrub the skin 3 times a week in the bath or shower. Moisturising the skin is recommended to keep the skin supple and help new hairs to grow through normally

It is normal to notice a small amount of re-growth a week or so after the waxing. It may take up to four treatments for your hair to get used to a growth cycle that gives best results. To maintain a smooth appearance we recommend regular waxing every 4-6 weeks.

Stratford-upon-Avon Clinic: 07786 962 692 | Stow-on-the-Wold Clinic: 01451 832 275   Email: jackie.geddes@yahoo.com